Saturday, March 29, 2008

Being Doers of the Word

This is a posted excerpt on CRN from a letter received from the frontlines of the Gospel. And this only confirms my concern over the so-called "reformed resurgence", as stated in the Christianity Astray Today article entitled Young, Restless, Reformed, and as celebrated and paraded by some Evangelical Reformed folks, who I must say in mitigation are truly well-intentioned and genuine in their conviction though.

We must become all things to all people but not sin in doing so. A man can claim to have good theology all day long, he can preach it from the pulpit, but I do not care about that only. If he is living something else, if his mouth is saying other things that contradict Scripture, then I do not care what he says about theology. I have a very, very bad feeling about this ¨new reformed¨ movement of calvinist that I am speaking about. It is nothing less than reformed pragmaticism. It seems that they are taking God and His Word as something casual but true instead of taking it as something irreplacable and the only standard for living. As Driscoll says ¨the traditional methods of evangelism are not working, lost people are not coming as we want them to, there is a problem¨. There is no problem, regeneration is a work of the Spirit and not something that man can bring about. The problem is that no one believes in the work of the Spirit anymore in regeneration and conversion. (Bold added)

And so the Downgrade continues. More to come later.

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