Sunday, March 19, 2006

Slain by the power of the Purpose Driven spirit?

In this article, it seems that Pentecostal and Charismatic churches have started to adopt Rick Warren's Purpose Driven model. Judging by the problems with both (Most charismtic churches are associated with the Word-faith heresy and of course the so-called 'New Apostolic Reformation' led by 'Apostle' C. Peter Wagner, whereas the Purpose Driven model has way too many problems), I think we are slowly seeing the convergene of these two deformations (New apostolic and Warren's). Perhaps next time we can have the 'Holy Purpose Driven Spirit Machine Gun', or perhaps 'Purpose Driven laughter'? Or how about 'experiencing our best Purpose driven life now'? Oh well, at least now when Benny Hinn swings his hand, we can be sure that our falling down was due to us being driven/slain purposefully by the Holy Spirit, not randomly as it fomerly was.

(Link: Purpose Driven but Spirit led? at Slice of Laodicea blog)


wenxian said...


Wenxian here. Decided to take a look at your blog.

Continue to fight for the true doctrines of God in the Bible... Brother i join with you in this fight in the hope to obtain something about Jesus in your sharings.

I share the same sentiment as you for the purpose driven life. Rick Warren is a false teacher.

But brother be careful of pride for it is luking.

Take care
Wenxian =)

ddd said...

Hi Wenxian,

haha... you are not the first person to warn me about pride. It is something which all of us must guard ourselves against, and especially those of us who has been given the burden of proclaiming God's truth. Equally bad is also that of being 'battle-hardened'. =)

God bless,
Daniel Chew.

ddd said...

Oh, btw, just in case some people didn't manage to get it, the latter part of this post is satire.