Wednesday, December 21, 2011

YRR: Ostriches with heads in the sand

It seems that Pastor Kevin DeYoung has posted a reflection on the use of the term YRR (Young, Restless and Reformed). Noticeably absent from his article was any indication of the compromise TGC (The Gospel Coalition) members have indulged in.

It is indeed sad when one sees the myopia of YRR leaders. It's like the man who couldn't see the big elephant in front of him but focuses on the cat in the distance. Or to use a biblical imagery, it's like the man who see the speck in others' eyes but not the log in his own eye. While Rome burned, Nero frolicked around. The Gospel Coalition is in danger of losing the Gospel and these leaders are more interested in the (important to be sure) challenges to move the movement forward. What's the use of trying to focus on ecclesiology, missiology and sanctification when the Gospel itself disappears into a morass of different gospels promoted by TD Jakes, Steven Furtick and Rick Warren?

Pray for the eyes of the YRR leaders to be opened to the compromise of the Gospel within their midst. Otherwise, soon TGC will go the way of the NAE and before them the NCC.


Committed Christian said...

I will pray that they repent of their straying and return to the gospel. Though I never identified myself as YRR, I was excited that more people were embracing the doctrines of grace, but that excitement has waned.

PuritanReformed said...


indeed. My excitement has waned too, very early on even.