Sunday, August 12, 2007

Prayer which I'm still waiting to be prayed

I haven't heard this prayer being offered on behalf of Singapore by any Singaporean church yet. Perhaps someday when the churches of Singapore finally behave as the Bride of Christ?

Dear Almighty God our heavenly Father, we thank You for your richest blessings You have poured out upon us Your people and upon this nation You have placed us in. We thank You for the peace You have given us and the opportunity to worship You and witness for You freely here in this land.

O Lord, You know all things and You know the state of Your Bride in this land. Oh Lord, we are sorry for our negligance in attending to our duties. We are sorry for capitulating to materialism; to follow the crowd in seeking after the things of this world. We are sorry for not putting You first in our life, and have allowed the world to seep into the Church. Above all, Lord, we are sorry for defying Your Word in compromising with the world and with Mystery Babylon, the religious system of the Antichrist. O Lord, forgive us for even contemplating the thought. Forgive us O Lord for the compromise rife in our churches. Our land is choked full with the weeds and heresies of the evil one, and we have done nothing to stop them. We have allowed the enemy to come into our churches and preached his false gospel. We have desired false unity above following You the Truth of God, and have attended so-called national prayer gatherings to pray for revival even while being unequally yoked with rank unbelievers. Even our shepherds; our pastors and elders, have been negligent of the duty You have called them to perform in protecting the Church from the wolves. Forgive us, O Lord.

As people called by the Lord, we confess to You our pride and our sin. Because of our conduct, Your great name has and is being blasphemed by the enemies of the Gospel. We have been too proud and too elitiest, in lording it over others, and yet at the same time we are too timid to rebuke and discipline those who err, and even turn on the messenger to preserve the status quo. O Lord, forgive us for making an idol out of our church leaders and leaders of prominent churches. We confer on them near infallibility, such that we become followers of men rather than of You. Forgive us also of our laziness in not reading Your Word, and allowing heretics to come inside our fellowship. O Lord, help us! Your Church has been raped by the vile heretics and blasphemers who entered Your Church, promoting heresies like the Word-faith heresy, the Health and Wealth heresy, the antinomian heresy among many others. We as Your people repent of our lack and scorn of discernment and our sin of anti-intellectualism, which we have embraced readily in a spirit of false piety unto You.

Lord, we would like to uphold our nation before you. As Singapore celebrates her 42nd birthday, we as the Body of Christ would like to intercede on her behalf. We as a nation has sinned greatly against You. We justly deserve Your great wrath and the destruction of our little island city-state. Because of our promotion of immorality, O Lord, You are severely displeased with us. O Lord, have mercy and do not punish us as we deserve. We know that this nation has denied You, and has gone about serving itself to the detriment of society. Your wrath burns hot against our nation, as we have promoted gambling and are on the way to promoting sodomy. We are following in the footsteps of the decadent West, who have denied You long ago, and are eagerly wanting to follow them in the broad way of destruction. Lord, we beseech You that You will in Your great mercy revive us Your church to be a strong witness for You in these last days. Even as the culture becomes more and more godless, we pray that You will continue to save many people out of the emerging wicked society into the Kingdom of Your glorious light. Our prayer is not primarily about our country, for all nations are as nothing before You. Nevertheless, Lord, if it be Your will, we pray that You will restrain evil in this land, and that You will give us leaders who fear Your Law, so that we would continue to enjoy the freedom to witness for You in this land and thus able to proclaim the Gospel of salvation to many, and may many people turn to You as we do so.

In Jesus' name we pray,



vincit omnia veritas said...


I would like to hear this prayer in the Padang by the PM. Possible?

ddd said...

Actually, I would be surprised if we can even get the Chairman of the National Council of Churches (Methodist Bishop Robert Solomon) to pray this prayer on the 'Pray for Singapore' event held annually on the 8th August.

As for our PM, well...

vincit omnia veritas said...

Well, if God can make a babylonian king go naked and eat grass like the cow I eat for lunch, He can definitely ... ... padang ... eat ... pray ... ahem ...

ddd said...

LOL 8-) I'm sure THAT would be the latest tourist attraction for sure (PM eating grass at Padang).